Unknown Fame Submissions

Thank you for your interest in submitting to our Unknown Fame features

So, what the heck is Unknown Fame?  To us, this means that you have an incredible gift, but you are not widely known outside of your local circle, community, or city.  There are so many talented people out there who deserve wider recognition, each working in different areas of creativity.  We want to shine some light on you in a feature story on our website!

SUBMISSIONS:   Please send us an email using the form below.  We will need as much information as possible to write a story about you if you are selected by our editorial staff.  Please include the following information (Some or all– but enough for us to see your work/talent and your unique story):

  • Intro Paragraph:  How will you catch our attention about you?
  • Bio:  Give us a few paragraphs on your history as it relates to your talent.
  • Resume:  Cut and Paste your resume
  • Interesting Story:  Tell us an interesting story about you, your work, your inspiration, etc.
  • Goals:  What is your mission?  What’s your objective?
  • Quote:  Give us a quote that we can include in your story.
  • How would you use your celebrity to better the world or help others?
  • Profile Video/YouTube Link:  Get creative but no more than 1-3 minutes.  If selected, this video will be embedded on the page with your story.  You must submit video via YouTube link.
  • Photo Link (ie:  Google, Dropbox, etc):  Submit 1 to 3 photos of you and also of your work.  If selected, these may be embedded on the page with your story.  You cannot upload photos.  You must use a file-sharing website to create a link to host and share your photos.  Please make the photos available to view with the option to download.  You can put up to three photos in one folder and share a link to the folder, or you can send one link to each photo.
  • Contact Info (for editor questions):  Name, Phone, Email, City/State
  • Contact Info (for Story publication):  Name, Website Link

Submissions will be considered on a rolling basis. Organization, articulation, and creativity are key to your submissions as well as showing your talent or true gift.   By submitting your information using the form below, you give USAAudiences permission to create a story about you on our website using the information you provide.

(The message box below for your submission information can be expanded by dragging the lower right corner of the box farther to the right and down)

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