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Movie studios have lots of regular advance screenings of movies!  Some research screening are for films that the filmmakers are still editing, and some non-research screenings are closer to the release date.   We offer invitations to both of these special events which give attendees the chance to see a movie before anyone else can. We also send out information and discounts for other types of events periodically as well.

What’s the catch?  For the screenings, you usually have to arrive at the theater an hour and a half early to get in.  Admission is not guaranteed, but early arrival really helps. The rule of thumb is the more popular you think the movie will be, the earlier you should arrive, but at least arrive one hour before showtime.  Also, these screenings are for general audience members.  If you work in entertainment or media, you will not be admitted to the movie screening events.

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** Please note that most of our movie screenings and special offers are in California, New York, New Jersey and other major metro areas of the U.S.   However, we also have screenings and events in other locations throughout the country. We will email you when we come to your area!   Make sure to ADD US TO YOUR ADDRESS BOOK so our emails don’t go to your spam or junk folder!   Add the following email address to your contacts:

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