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  • “My Endless Struggle is for Utter Honesty on Film”: John Magaro, Back To One, Episode 279 February 20, 2024
    John Magaro has been delivering consistently stellar performances in films like Not Fade Away, The Big Short, Carol, First Cow, and Showing Up, to name a few. This past year he played Arthur, husband of Greta Lee’s character Nora, in Past Lives. On this episode he talks, spoiler-free, about the last scene of that film […]
    Peter Rinaldi
  • Rotterdam 2024 Critic’s Notebook: A Spoiling Rain, The Ballad of Suzanne Césaire, Under a Blue Sun and 102 Narra February 19, 2024
    The International Film Festival Rotterdam has always been something of a grab bag. This year, at the 53rd edition, the Dutch festival showed 424 films across its various programmes — a reduction from past years due to widespread budget cuts. Still, 424 films (including 183 world premieres) is a mammoth undertaking for any one film […]
    Beatrice Loayza
  • “That Kid Running from the Fire”: Director Reinaldo Marcus Green on Destiny, Devotion and Bob Marley: One Love February 15, 2024
    On your way up. Take me up. On your way down. I won’t let you down. — Robert Nesta Marley As a form, the biopic and even more specifically the musical biopic, is an often fraught endeavor, one whose pursuit brings its makers along well-worn paths of pitfalls and dead ends. With his fourth feature, Bob […]
    Evan Louison
  • (Redband) Trailer Watch: The Zellner Brothers’s Sasquatch Sunset February 13, 2024
    “You know animals are hairy?,” sang the Talking Heads David Byrne. “They say animals don’t worry…” Well, in David and Nathan Zellner’s Sasquatch Sunset, forthcoming from Bleecker Street Pictures, the latter statement is definitely not correct as the filmmakers — Filmmaker 25 New Faces from back in 2008 — wring wonder and joy but also […]
    Scott Macaulay
  • Trailer Watch: Bertrand Bonello’s The Beast February 13, 2024
    The U.S. trailer for Bertrand Bonello’s The Beast has arrived. The latest film from Bonello (Nocturama, Saint Laurent) marks his third collaboration with Léa Seydoux, who gives not one but three great performances across three different timelines. The Beast enters release on April 5, and our next issue will feature an interview with Bonello conducted by Michael Almereyda. The […]
    Filmmaker Staff
  • “Once in a While You Go, ‘My Vision is Enough’”: Scrambled‘s Leah McKendrick, Back To One, Episode 278 February 13, 2024
    Leah McKendrick wrote, directed, and stars in the hilarious, super smart, and intensely personal new film Scrambled. It’s about a perpetual bridesmaid who, realizing she isn’t quite willing or able to settle down, decides to freeze her eggs. McKendrick doesn’t shy away from depicting her character’s sex life, the frustrations involving family and friends, and […]
    Peter Rinaldi
  • Robert M. Young, 1924-2024: A True Giant of American Independent Filmmaking February 11, 2024
    Robert M. “Bob” Young, often described in the film era of the 1980s as the godfather of American independent filmmaking, has died. His son Andy, himself an award-winning filmmaker, announced Young’s death on February 7th in a Facebook post:  “He was a rebel in the industry, who made the films he dreamed of and lived […]
    David Leitner
  • Doc (and Art-Film) Blocking: How Algorithmic Content Moderation is Hurting Indie Films February 9, 2024
    You have to look hard to find a trailer  for the recent release of Smoke Sauna Sisterhood, Estonia’s entry for this year’s Best International Feature Film category, on Facebook and Instagram — and forget about clips. Even though the lyrical documentary about women in an Estonian sauna has won numerous top prizes around the world—Best […]
    Anthony Kaufman
  • Karin Chien, Amy Hobby and Tabitha Jackson Are New Documentary Fellows at Harvard’s Shorenstein Center February 9, 2024
    Harvard’s Shorenstein Center announced today the three film professionals who comprise their Spring 2024 cohort of documentary film fellows. Producer and distributor Karin Chien, producer and former executive Amy Hobby, and former director of the Sundance Film Festival as well as Sundance’s Documentary Film Program Tabitha Jackson will, according to a press release, “join the […]
    Scott Macaulay
  • Revisiting Silk Stalkings: Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn on IFFR 2024 Premiere Dream Team February 9, 2024
    Dream Team, the third feature by Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn, is another in the writer-director duo’s run of genre pastiches that double as sociopolitical parables. Here, the influence of ’90s basic cable TV thrillers is channeled into an episodic story about a pair of Interpol agents (Esther Garrel and Alex Zhang Hungtai) who travel […]
    Jordan Cronk

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