Audience Criteria

We recommend that you leave your cell phone at home or hidden in your car.  At some events, security will be on hand to collect and guard cell phones at the door of the theater auditorium, however, you will need to wait in line after the movie to get your phone back.  Same rules apply to cameras and other recording devices.  It is illegal to record this movie in any way.

Alcohol is strictly forbidden. Anyone attempting to bring in alcohol or appearing under the influence will be denied admittance.

Photo ID or Passport may be required for admittance. We have the right to refuse admittance to anyone at anytime for any reason.

You are being invited personally as a guest to a free screening event. Our client, Preview Free Movies, will exercise all of its legal rights and remedies to prevent the sale or other transfer of this invitation, which is strictly prohibited.

For any problems, please contact us via the website

By attending this private event you agree to all of the following:

  • A Photo ID or Passport may be required for admittance.
  • You may be photographed for security purposes. All photographs are property of the event host and will not be returned or deleted, admitted into the movie or not.
  • The audience at this screening may be recorded for research purposes. By attending, you give your unqualified consent to the filmmaker and its agents and licensees to use the recording of your person and appearance and your reactions for its review in any manner in connection with the purpose of this recruited screening.
  • No one over or under the above-listed age group or infants will be permitted into the theater, and if you accept this invitation, you and your guest represent that your ages are BOTH within this listed age group.
  • No one involved in the entertainment advertisement, market research or media industries, or anyone who writes, blogs or otherwise reports on media in any form or forum whatsoever will be admitted.
  • By accepting this invitation and attending this screening, you agree not to disclose any of the contents of the screening prior to the release of the movie to the public. If you are discovered to have written about, posted or disclosed in any manner any of the contents of the screening – including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, blogs or any other social media outlets, we will pursue all of our legal rights and remedies against you.
  • The theater is overbooked to ensure capacity and therefore you are not guaranteed a seat by showing up at this private event.
  • There is no charge to attend the screening, but as a condition to admittance, audience members are required to complete a short questionnaire following the movie.
  • No audio or video recording devices will be allowed into the theater, including but not limited to camera phones and PDAs. If you attempt to use a recording device you will be removed from the theater immediately, forfeit the device and you may be subject to criminal and civil liability.
  • Audience members consent to a search of all bags, jackets and pockets for cameras or other recording devices. Leave any such items at home or in your car.
  • All non-camera cell phones and pagers must be off or on silent mode during the screening.
  • No one will be admitted possessing alcohol, illicit drugs, firearms, laser pointers or any other item that is deemed to be unacceptable to our staff.
  • No one will be admitted who is deemed unkempt, malodorous, dressed inappropriately or otherwise unacceptable to our staff.
  • Anyone creating a disturbance or interfering with the screening enjoyment of others in the audience will be removed from the theater.
  • By accepting this invitation and/or attending the screening event, you acknowledge and agree that neither you nor your guest(s) are guaranteed admission to the theater, or any specific seating if you are so admitted, and that none of you are entitled to any form of compensation if you do not get admitted into the screening or if you are offered seats that you choose to decline.
  • ADA (American with Disabilities Act) notifications: Must be made to the screening staff immediately upon your arrival, not after you are inside the auditorium or at the auditorium door. Those with service animals may be asked if their animal is required because of a disability and what work or task the animal has been trained to perform. There are restrictions as to what ADA law does and does not cover. Our clients strictly adhere to all current ADA laws and when possible, will accommodate protected individuals to the best of our abilities.

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